2006 Kennebec River AT
Ferry Service Final Report

The 2006 Appalachian Trail Kennebec River Ferry Service started on February 18 and ended on November 10. The official schedule ran from May 19 thru October 9. For the nineteenth season, Rivers and Trails Northeast Inc., provided the ferry service to hikers of the Appalachian Trail with no mishaps or injuries reported. Approximately 1,146 hikers took advantage of the free ferry service across the Kennebec River between the shores of Caratunk and Carrying Place township. Rivers and Trails surpassed the 17,000 hiker mark on July 16, thanks in large part to the dedicated Registered Maine Guides, who pay attention to every detail everyday at the ferry service. We also provide shuttles, lodging and resupply services specifically for hikers. Building trust and loyalty with hikers requires a total commitment on behalf of the Kennebec River Ferry Service providers, who during the past three years ferried over 3,700 hikers while less than 30 hikers decided to ford the Kennebec. The following numbers reflect the hiker traffic during the course of the 144 straight "official" days at the AT Ferry Service.

Month Hikers N-S S-N Day Wkd Long D ME-GA GA-ME
May 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 1
June 102 77 25 0 0 102 62 13
July 295 67 128 4 14 277 68 84
Aug 310 109 204 9 15 289 8 116
Sept 377 62 315 4 4 369 13 251
Oct 57 12 45 2 16 32 2 26
Nov 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0
Total 1,146 431 718 19 49 1,074 154 490


2006 Hikers
Thanks For Stopping By

- Steve Longley

The river equipment used to conduct the ferry service includes the following; 5 Old Town 160K canoes, 8 America's cup life jackets, 5 Hi Float guides life jackets, 8 paddles, whitewater rescue ropes, backboard, signal flags, first aid kits, binoculars, whistles, two way radios, release forms signed by all participants, ferry service schedules and Maine maps and guides. Aside from the lower numbers accrued for the year 2006, every day was a challenge for guides at the ferry service whether dealing with rain, bugs, wild animals, heavy traffic, high and low water levels, rescues, forders, slippery rocks and a rogue lightning bolt 50 feet away. Our mission Statement here a Rivers and Trails remains the same: "To provide a safe and reliable ferry service." While hikers come from all 50 states across this country as well as a dozen foreign countries, we would like to take a special moment and recognize the men and women of the US Armed Forces serving our country overseas protecting the freedoms this great country provides, including a simple footpath called the Appalachian Trail.

Very Truly Yours,
Stephen J. Longley
Rivers and Trails NE, Inc.
1603 US Rte 201
The Forks, ME USA 04985